After Sale Service Agreement

7.1 If the customer owes money, the customer (before the repair) must pay the amount indicated in the offer for the service. You will receive an email or a postal invoice if the product is returned. However, the sale cannot be cancelled if the non-compliance is minor. 4.5 Offers can be accepted by the customer, who signs them and notes their consent, and then returns them to Remade with a cheque on the total amount to be paid. Once an offer has been accepted, it can no longer be cancelled. 2) Or if it has the characteristics defined in an agreement between the parties or adapted to a special use requested by the buyer, which the seller has been aware of and which he has accepted. The seller provides something in accordance with the sales contract and is responsible for any non-compliance that exists during delivery. The goods to be repaired must be sent to the location indicated by the after-sales service and location services must be deactivated if it is an Apple product. If the device has a hidden defect, the customer can choose between cancelling the sale or accepting a discounted price under Section 1644 of the French Civil Code, a replacement or a repair.

2.11 Under the French Consumer Protection Act, any period of less than seven (7) days during which a product is in the SSA for a repair covered by the contractual guarantee is added to the warranty period that remains on the day the customer requests assistance or the product is made available for repair if it intervenes after the request for assistance. 1.1 These after-sales terms of service (`ASS Ts and Cs`) govern the relationship between Remade and its commercial or retail customers who order directly from Remade or through their partners. They complement the terms of sale of Remade (Ts and Cs) to which they explicitly refer. These ASS Ts and Cs are intended to define the conditions for new repairs requested by the customer for a product (hereafter referred to as „the product“). If the product cannot be repaired after the diagnosis of the problem, Remade will return it to the state it arrived in and the customer will have to pay 30 euros (including VAT) for diagnosis and repatriation. 4.8 In addition to repairing the products it receives, customer service can offer additional services at a fixed price. The customer will confirm that he accepts the signature of the „offer“ in accordance with the terms of Article 3.3. If the customer refuses to accept these fixed-price services, Remade cannot be held responsible for a malfunction that is subsequently caused by the product concerned by the defective part mentioned in the supplementary offer. Before requesting assistance, the customer commits: 9.1 Remade pays the logistics costs and return costs of the products as part of the warranty. For products outside the warranty, logistics and return costs are charged to the customer, and the amount varies depending on the product. If the seller is aware of the defects of an item he has sold, he must grant the buyer a full refund and is liable for the damage suffered by the buyer.

1) If the solution requested, proposed or agreed in accordance with Article L. 217-9 cannot be implemented within one month of the buyer`s request; 1.3 By accepting these ASS Ts and Cs, the customer guarantees that he owns the device submitted for repair, that he has legally acquired the device and that the device has not been stolen.

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