Agreement To Use Company Equipment

If one of your employees buys great planning software for home use and is also installed on your company`s computer, you may be breaking the law. The software has strict copyrights, and the „piracy“ software is synonymous with theft and the company is responsible. If you want the software, buy it and install it. Asking Victoria to stop is probably the best way to handle the situation. While they make a few personal copies here and there, it may be quite harmless, because Victoria regularly uses these devices during working hours, you suffer a loss of productivity. You can also send a message to other employees that personal use of the devices during working hours is correct. Is that the message you want to send? Your agreement on the use of your equipment should include the procedure for notifying technical problems, damage or theft of the device, including contact point contact details and possible margins and notification times. If an employee does not follow the agreement and physically damages the device or causes a security breach, you should explain the consequences so that employees know what to expect. Most likely the shortest section, it will simply detail the impact of possible violations on the operating equipment agreement. You can vary yourself depending on the violation, and what your company`s disciplinary procedure is usually.

Among the problems that can arise when using personal devices that are part of the store, such as computers, tools or vehicles, it may not always be necessary to provide devices to employees and, in fact, many people have their own mobile phones and laptops anyway. If this is the case for your business, you can create a bring Your Own Device Policy or BYOD. Another possible strategy would be to ask the phone company to break down phone bills by expanding if your phones are all under the same number. Some companies also place the directive on recording screens that are displayed every time the computer is turned on to prevent employees from using their devices in a personal capacity. The nature of the policy you establish to regulate the personal use of professional equipment depends on the type of activity you operate and the equipment used in your business. For example, if the equipment in question is a vehicle, there are another set of consequences to consider, including the employer`s liability if a person is injured or if the property is damaged when an employee uses your business vehicle.

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