American Legion Player Agreement Form

The use of the national form #6 will be mandatory for all players who participate in another baseball program during our Legion baseball season. These forms must be provided with individual teams. This form is used for an older player who is new to a team. It is completed the first year in which the player plays for this team. This form must be attached to Form 2 and provided with team documents. All coaches must read the risk management policy and sign the confirmation form. Confirmation forms must be emailed to the following address: This form must be completed annually by each ball player he plays legion baseball. If a player is occupied by two managers, he must have a #2 form with the junior and senior teams. This form is available for an official application for the use of the American Legion Name or Emblem on The Goods. The use of our Pitching Log form is mandatory for every game played during the regular season. This protocol is maintained by each team during each game for all pitchers used by each team. The number of parking spaces is confirmed by each team after each half-race. A designated coach for each team will opt out of each team protocol at the end of each game.

Each team is responsible for making these minutes available on request either by the baseball president or by Vice Chariman until the end of the season, including each national tournament. This form is used when a player is cut from one team to another or if he is abandoned. The managers/coaches of the participating team must complete it completely and leave it to the paperwork of that player. This is the form you must complete and send to our NH Legion Baseball President if you wish to apply to create a new American Legion baseball team. This form is intended for pre-season, junior and senior programs. All registration teams must complete a waiver form for their players and parents in order to play during the 2020 season. Team coaches must keep the original forms signed for the entire year. Thank you very much for your cooperation. Coaches kept the sport alive in 2020. Did your children`s coach help them through this crisis? Name them for a chance to win $2,500! Are you interested in sponsoring MONTANA/ALBERTA AMERICAN LEGION BASEBALL? ..

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