Author Agreements

The statement contained in the article file must be explicit and unambiguous and describe any potential interest (or absence) of competing interest for the author who contributes to EACH. If there is no public repository and the datasets are too large to be transmitted online to the journal, the authors must provide the publishing team with two separate copies of this data in an appropriate format (for example. B CD or DVD) for peer reviews. For example, „AB and CD wrote the main text manuscript and EF created numbers 1-3. All the authors have checked the manuscript. For documents that describe a new population of cells or for which a population of sorted cells is critical to the main message of the new book, the authors must describe in one or two additional figures the complete Gating strategy used for the experiments described in the manuscript. Representation of the „doors“ used to identify sorted sub-parties is useful and should be made available to arbitrators upon request. These data would include provisional forward and lateral scattering doors of the initial cell population, indicating the boundaries between „positive“ and „negative“ dye cell populations. For temporary varieties using „cocktails“ of antibodies to exclude certain cell populations, for example. B lineage-minus (Lin-), antibodies and fluorchromes contained in the „cocktail“ must be indicated for the „Dump“ channel. Competing non-financial interests can take different forms, including personal or professional relationships with organizations and individuals.

We would like to encourage authors and arbitrators to report unpaid roles or relationships that could affect the publication process. Examples of non-financial competitive interests are (but are not limited): details of the exchange of certain materials, data and methods are available in the following sections. The preferred option to release large datasets is through public repositories. Some of these repositories offer authors the opportunity to confidentially host the data associated with a manuscript and to give anonymous access to arbitrators before publication. These repositories coordinate the public publication of the data on the date of publication of the collection. This option should be used where possible, but it is the authors` responsibility to contact the repository to ensure that publication is immediate on the date of publication. All support records that are not publicly filed must be provided in the form of additional information files, which are freely available on after publication. In cases where it is technically impossible to make these files available to the journal, authors must make the data available to editorial board members and arbitrators during the submission, directly on request to each reader on the date and after the publication date, with the authors providing a URL or other unique identifier in the manuscript.

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