Bhp Paris Agreement

BHP today announced four new renewable energy agreements to cover the electricity needs of its copper escondida and Spence business in Chile. Responsibility and oversight of risk management is an integral part of BHP`s governance. . BHP has been active in climate risk management for more than two decades and has already set a long-term goal of achieving zero net operating emissions (Scope 1 and 2) and its short-term goal of maintaining operating emissions at or below GJ 2022, using CO2 offsets as required. In its report, the company developed this approach: „The route of electrification of mining facilities will likely include solutions such as trolley assist, crush and in-pit transport, indoor transporters and battery solutions. Our approach to climate change is defined by a number of power plants. Our action must be substance. There must be real and tangible measures to reduce emissions. We need to focus on what we can control within our company and work with others to help them reduce emissions from the things they control. To create long-term values and returns across generations, we must continue to generate values and returns within the strong portfolio we have today, while creating our portfolio over time to take advantage of major global trends, including decarbonization and electrification.

The 2020 BHP climate change report provides a basis for action. We have defined a comprehensive set of measures, objectives and objectives. We are committed to empowering management by directly linking climate-related objectives and objectives to executive compensation. And we reaffirmed our determination to work for public policy for global decarbonization. We will remain attentive to technological, political and societal developments that may indicate changes in our directions and the development of new uncertainties for our portfolio analysis. We will continue to monitor developments and review our approach, if necessary, to respond to current approaches to climate change and climate change advertising. We will work with our customers and suppliers to reduce their emissions. The report also provides a number of examples of emission reduction projects envisaged by the miner that are considered to be part of the maintenance capital category of its capital allocation framework.

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