Harm Agreement Preklad

Oral: Oral Agreement/Convention of Tradition/Tradice Glitch: not to be a problem, (everything) be ok, do not harm the nightmares of shodnout se: We have not yet found an agreement. I don`t dream of it. Zeptana: It doesn`t hurt to ask. They don`t give anything for zeptanium. Danger: by danger, by risk of damage, it will not be harmful if it… That wouldn`t have happened, kdybys… Agreement: in agreement with sb souhlasit, bull`s opinion cop association: in agreement/agreement with sthshodné was with souladu occasion to do: the attack cause of actual body blows with lehky bodily injuries Rental purchase: rental-sale contract mlouva o contract to temper ration: smlouva rental type smlouva to hit Unforeseen: Toc-to-knock-agreement on the penalty of each poji-ovna covers the damage of a gray client uitek: more effort than the damage of the value nadélat vec than the union: pedman-elské union contract with the management of the company pedman-elské: marriage contract/marriage contract/contract, Call it. prenuppéedman-elsk` smlouva péedmet: object of the agreement/contract law. The principle of principle: agreement in principle on the basic points of the smlouvy revelation: endangering, endangering, causing damage to those who are threatened with conclusion: we have reached an agreement.

We agreed. the act of serious aggression/lehké: lease/contract, lease, lease, rental agreement, housing rental contract/partnership smlouva related to the agreement: polechen smlouva silent: tacit agreement/approval/approval, Silent approval, connivancetichy souhlas – hold – act – pay – hold – celebrate – endure – fail – preserve – stop – occupy – store – hold – cool down – store – fix – have – let receive – contain – clamp – arrange – arrest – stop – judge – decide – maintain – support – commit – close – possess – take – take – hold – wait – carry – hold – hold – hold – hold – maintain (2.p.) – detention (2.p.) – Maritime space – Suspension (2.p.) – Stabilization of frequency – pursuit – defense (voj) – keep a report to be kept (intercept) – Execution (office, Office) – Abuse violation wound abuse abuse – Contract – Convention – Agreement – Agreement – Acceptance – Approval – Agreement – Agreement – Agreement – Agreement – Agreement – Agreement – Agreement – Agreement – Agreement – Agreement compact agreement agreement agreement accord.

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