Juniper End User Support Agreement

Juniper Networks, however, increases the complexity of the generally simple process that leads from the end of the sale to the end of the support. The company stops support in several steps, so a contract doesn`t necessarily mean you have access to the SLAs you can expect. Juniper Networks customers find that after the warranty, support is more easily managed by a third-party maintenance company than through Juniper Networks itself. Park Place Technologies is the leader in alternative support options for network devices of OEMS leaders, including Juniper and Cisco. What is disconcerting is that customers who purchase a Juniper Networks product later in the marketing lifecycle can occur in a relatively short period of time, without critical support. For some, it is more important that the cost of support contracts does not decrease at the same time as Juniper Networks` slow reaction times. As we have already reported, Juniper Networks is open on end-of-life dates for its products. This information can be located by product series. Or even simpler, Park Place Technologies creates dates for upcoming end-of-life support equipment (EOSL). The JTAC user manual provides a breakdown of information for new end-users accessing the Customer Support Centre (CSC) and the Juniper Technical Assistance Centre (JTAC). Download the JTAC user manual here. In addition, Park Place`s highly affordable and reliable contracts include advanced service options that Juniper doesn`t offer – things like fully configured units on standby for instant installation in the event of a breakdown.

For more information, contact us to receive an offer and start an interview on the many ways to simplify and update Park Place support agreements. These documents describe the general terms and conditions of assistance to end-users, including definitions, support obligations, repair and exchange of equipment, technical assistance, assistance costs, conditions and termination information. The JTAC reference guide does not contain the terms and definitions of service level and reaction time agreements. The following documents relate to the Service Level Agreements (SLA) and the terms and conditions of the J-Care Essential Services end-user contract.

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