Pitney Bowes Agreement

During the 90 days prior to the expiry of your tenancy, you may, unless you are late: (i) enter into a new lease or amended lease with us; (ii) to acquire the equipment „as intended, where is“ for their fair value; or (iii) to make the device and measuring device in their original state, with the exception of reasonable wear, and pay us the processing fee (including all return costs of the device). If you return the equipment and the measuring device, you either pack them properly and send them back to us in the return box and with the label we provide, or you pass them on to a service carrier that we have indicated to pick them up and send them to us. If you are not doing any of the things listed in focus (i), ii) or (iii) above, you are considered agreed to extend the term of the lease from one month to the next. You can cancel automatic extensions at any time by communicating to us in writing for 60 days or by creating a www.pitneybowes.com/ca/en/support/topics/account/how-to-submit-a-service-request-using-my-account.html request (follow the instructions in „How to Create a Request“). In the event of cancellation, you can either return all items in accordance with this Section 14 or purchase the device. Some provisions that apply when you use the socket system for PBBackup or PC backup services are set pitneybowes.com/us/pbbackup-service-and-pcbackup-service-terms.html and are used as a reference. (b) At the end of the initial period, the rental time and time limit for meter services are automatically extended by 12 consecutive months. If you do not wish to extend the duration of the rental or the time frame for meter services, you must send us a written notification to Section 22 at least 60 days before the extension of the rental period or the time frame for meter services or to prepare a case for pitneybowes.com/us/contact-us.html (follow the instructions in the „How to prepare a case“ section). When the term of the rental or meter services expires, you agree to return in their original condition the devices and meters covered by the rental contract and the metered service contract, except for the appropriate wear and tear. (a) If you do not make a payment within three days of the due date indicated on our invoice, you are in breach of other obligations arising from this or other agreement with Pitney Bowes and this violation lasts thirty days: after we have informed you, whether you are in default or declaring bankruptcy, you have fallen behind and we can: you agree to pay us for all sales, uses, real estate, purchases or other taxes (excluding taxes on net income) related to the rental contract or equipment lease or meter service contract based on your payments or measured by them.

We will determine the amount of all property and related taxes to be paid based on tax rates and depreciation, based on our fair assessment of the device or meter. If any of these taxes are due, you agree to pay a tax administration tax that we have set, without reference to the tax or services provided; these fees and fees will not exceed $35 per year for each equipment or meter service lease or lease. If a property leased or made available in the province of Quebec (including equipment and meters) is located in the province of Quebec under this agreement, you make an assumption on all of these real estate (including equipment and counters) of $1,000,000 as collateral for all advances and other financial commitments made under this agreement and to protect our interest in the property.

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