Sourcetree License Agreement

Yes, just click „Import a License“ in the registration dialog box and you can import your existing Mac license, it works well. 11. Ownership and feedback. The software is provided on a license or limited access basis, and you will not be granted any ownership rights, regardless of the use of terms such as „purchase“ or „sale.“ Atlassian and its licensees have and retain all rights, titles and interests, including all intellectual property rights, over and to Atlassian Technology (including software). From time to time, you can comment. Atlassian may use, copy, disclose, concede, distribute and use freely, in combination with its products or services, any feedback, without obligation, in or legally, on the basis of intellectual property rights or by other means. No feedback is considered your confidential information and nothing in this agreement limits Atlassian`s right to use, develop, evaluate or market products or services independently, whether they contain comments or other services. 7.3. Return conditions. As part of our customer satisfaction obligation, you may unjustifily and unjustifily terminate your initial order for the applicable software under this contract, providing termination and returning the applicable software to Atlassian no later than 30 (30) days after the order date of this software. In the event that you terminate your initial order in accordance with this Section 7.3, Atlassian may disable the license key that authorized the software to operate and, at your request (which can be made via your account), Atlassian will refund you the amount paid under such an order. This right of termination and refund applies only to your original order and only if you exercise your right to terminate within the aforementioned time frame and does not apply to additional services.

You understand that Atlassian may in future modify this practice in accordance with Section 21 (Changes to this Agreement). Starting at 1.8, they changed it so that SourceTree no longer uses a license file, but an account on that allows you to set up SourceTree. Check out the version notes 3.3. Number of instances. Unless otherwise stated in your order, you may install a (1) software production instance on systems that are yours or one of your authorized users or that are operated by you or one of your authorized users, unless otherwise stated in your order. We may also make free „developer“ licenses for some of our software offerings, so that you are able to provide non-producing instances, z.B. for staging or QS purposes. For more details on the application for non-production licences, please visit our website. 13.4.

Effects of dismissal. After the end or end of the agreement, your license expires for the software (even if the validity of the license is „unlimited“ or if your order does not indicate an expiration date) and you must stop using and deleting all confidential software and information or other Atlassian hardware in your possession (or return them at our request). You will confirm this deletion at our request. If you terminate this contract pursuant to Section 13.2 (Case Termination), Atlassian will reimburse you for all software fees paid in advance to cover the remainder of the current licence`s validity period after the effective date of the termination. If this contract is terminated by Atlassian pursuant to Section 13.2 (Failure of Cause), you pay all unpaid fees covering the remainder of the current licence`s validity period after the effective date of the termination. Under no circumstances will a termination exempt you from the obligation to pay the taxes payable to Atlassian for the period prior to the effective date of the termination. Unless an exclusive remedy can be indicated in this Agreement, the exercise of an appeal by one of the parties, including termination, will not affect, by law or by any other means, any other remedies it may have under this Agreement.

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