Tbd Agreement

Our service may include ads or online services related to career consulting firms. A career guidance company does not guarantee effective placement in the workplace because of its performance. Understand any agreement you make with a career consulting firm before paying for the company`s services. We do not knowingly accept job ads that are not advertised for good faith job offers. Unfortunately, from time to time, fake job vacancy notices may appear in offers on our service. False job offers are generally used to illegally collect personal data on job seekers or to facilitate other forms of illegal activity. The position of false job offers constitutes a violation of this visitor agreement (see: Prohibited specific uses) and may constitute a criminal violation of federal or regional laws. It is important that you take reasonable precautions when sharing your confidential information with someone via the Internet. The remuneration for the services to be provided by tbd is based on the price list (www.tbd.community/de/services/submit/job) of tbd as it is in effect at the time of order. Prices for services that are not included in the price list are subject to individual agreement. We reserve the right to deny access to any communication service or to violate the rights of others who we believe violate that agreement or who, in our view, impair the ability of others to use our service. We will comply with the requirements of the law for the disclosure of messages to others, including law enforcement.

This agreement, the rights and obligations of users and Diennea, as well as any action under this agreement, are governed by Italian law. All disputes that arise between the user and Diennea are entrusted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Bologna, subject to the different powers that the law submits in favour of the user. You are responsible for all losses, expenses, damages and costs, including reasonable legal fees resulting from your use of the service, the violation of this visitor contract by you or any other person who uses your account or your violation of the rights of another company. We retain the right to control the defence of all the measures for which we are entitled. In this case, you agree to cooperate with us at our expense, as we can reasonably require in our defence of the applicable claim. Class Waiver Action: You agree that all disputes or disputes between us will be resolved individually and that there will be no class actions, representatives or consolidated in arbitration proceedings.

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