Agreement Of Labeling

`control mark (identification mark)` means a form (document) containing elements (means) of protection against counterfeiting (protected printed matter) containing the means of identification and intended for the identification of goods. Or multi-product brands, we recommend our customers to split the model private label agreement into two parts. Part of the agreement will be common to all manufacturers. A second part of the model describes the variables that are clear to each manufacturer. the search for an agreed and coordinated policy on the labelling of goods through identification; The identification of the goods by legal persons and individual entrepreneurs engaged in the manufacture of the goods covered by the labelling shall be affixed before they are transported and/or put up for sale, including before they are placed at the point of sale, their models are presented or information is provided at the point of sale, with the exception of the goods referred to in Article 8. Labelling is carried out at the places of their manufacture, packaging (repackaging) and storage. At AGP, we are experienced in designing different types of contracts for individuals and companies. Whatever your role, you will certainly benefit from competent professional legal assistance in designing a white label agreement that will guarantee your legal rights and interests. We also offer a legal analysis service of contracts offered to you as a manufacturer on a „Take it or leave it“ basis and we help develop a risk mitigation strategy. Agreement on the implementation, in 2015-2016, of the pilot project on the introduction of the control mark (identification mark) under the title „Clothing, clothing accessories and other articles of natural fur“ of 8 September 2015. . .


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