Air Bubble Agreement India And Us

Hello, we cannot come from India via BA with H1B VISA to the USA (I am an Indian citizen)? I see restrictions for B1/B2 VISITOR visa, but no clarity on H1B, H4 visa. Hello, Krishna! British Airways is part of the Indian-UK Air Travel Bubble arrangements. British Airways can travel from the UK to India. British Airways` US partner airlines can offer connections with BA flights to India. Recently, Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Puri confirmed that more such air bubbles are on their way with other countries. He said that until international civil aviation recovers its numbers from COVID and returns to normal around the world, India will need air bubbles for international passenger transport. However, India has not allowed all visa holders to enter the country, except those with an essential visa approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs. Hi, Aishwarya! Only Lufthansa has suspended flights to India due to a disagreement with India`s Ministry of Civil Aviation over a limit on the number of flights to and from India in a week`s time. The suspension of Lufthansa flights would continue until 20 October. British Airways flies and flies to India. Hello, Mythili! There are currently no direct flights from Chennai to SFO.

In September, there are Air India flights from Delhi to SFO. The most important thing is that Indians are not allowed to travel to the United States on a tourist visa, as the latest travel instructions do. Check hello. I hold a J2 visa with a visa valid until August 2021. I hope to travel from Chicago to Calcutta in October. I also booked a ticket with Qatar Airlines, but there is no update. Is it safe to travel on bubble flights? I don`t want to be quarantined in Delhi. What are the possibilities? Hi, Badri! As for the restriction policy of the countries of the United States, India is exempt from the restriction. Under the guidelines of the India-Germany air bubble agreement, not everyone can travel with Lufthansa from India. Indians on tourist visas cannot travel to the United States at Lufhtansa or travel to the United States through Germany.

Germany: The air bubble agreement between India and Germany has been suspended due to the effects of several flights.

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