Basic Ordering Agreement Another Name

The modification of a basic order contract does not have retroactive effect on orders previously placed under this contract. © restrictions. A basic order agreement should not state or imply that we have a handful of (deleted) search vehicles and that we need vehicles of indefinite duration for the ordering and delivery of deleted aircraft spare parts. The customer team and the craftsmanship are often on duty and housed in another place located many kilometers from the contractors who support them. I interpret that it limits the duration of the agreement only if the necessary annual verification is not carried out. Since these checks are carried out in good time to keep the agreement up to date with all applicable FAR changes, this language does not even mean that the BOA will even be renewed through the verification by it, but that it will simply be updated. Reason for Modification – Does not apply to a basic contract. Select the applicable value when notifying a change to a basic contract. We are in the process of creating a BOA with the Air Force. The first sentence of the BOA after SF26 reads: „New clauses or amendments to existing clauses in this BOA apply to all contracts, including previously awarded and future contracts.“ Does the government have this right (previously placed orders to amend the BOA)? Does it have to be bilateral or can it be unilateral? Note: I checked FAR Part 43.


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