Black Horse Settlement Agreement

Hi, Tom. You`re actually in a rather lucky position that you`re less than a year into a 3-year PCP and a trader is willing to pay off your financing without having to pay any negative equity. That doesn`t mean you can`t do better – as you said, another merchant may be willing to get more than the billing figure. You`ll only find out by shopping and also checking out car buying sites like We Buy Any Car. The funding they offered me – which I did not sign – had been artificially low. I understand a PCP that if I had signed this agreement, I would have paid too much depreciation. In fact, I would build equity in the car, but with no guarantee of getting it back. A PCP is a cash flow agreement because you don`t intend to keep the car, but such a high interest rate is still relevant as it significantly increases your monthly payments. I would have thought you could get financing at a much better price – try with another VW dealer or other financial companies like Santander or Black Horse. Please keep in mind that you must receive a financing indemnity to sell your car to We facilitate payment to your finance company for your agreement. By law, your lender must provide you with a comparative figure within 12 days – it usually arrives immediately. I am currently 25 months in a 36 month PCP agreement at £156/month.

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