Change Custody Agreement California

Hello, I currently only have about 38% custody for my two guys 11 & 15. I want to change the guard to 50%. At the time of custody, my ex-wife was not working. Now she works full time. When considering applications to amend custody agreements, the court will always keep in mind the best interests of the child. Applications submitted for non-material or unfounded reasons are unlikely to be subject to review and approval. Remember that some local dishes require parents to participate in an orientation before going to mediation. You probably went to orientation before receiving your first referral. Your court may want you to leave or tell you you don`t have to. Talk to the administrator to make sure you know what to do when it comes to orientation. He adopted my son legally, and then we had another boy together. I stayed sober for 5 years and felt good until we moved and my marriage crumbled. I went into detox for three months and came out very broken.

I made two big mistakes, a Dui with my child in the car (injury thank God) and I had been unfaithful to my husband while I was in rehabilitation. No matter why I was unfaithful or drinkable, I was 100% wrong because I did these horrible things. After the cargo, I went back to detox. Note that I had a real estate license and was a university student when I started drinking again. .

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