Gsa Special Agreement Check

As stated in Appendix B, all warranty authorization and/or access requests to the SCI must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance by GSA/Contractor staff (except weekends/holidays). A reply is sent to the applicant within 48 hours (except weekends/public holidays). If the applicant has not received the confirmation by e-mail within the time indicated, he must contact the requested office to check the status. Collateral clearances: or call (202) 208-4296. SCI Accesses: or call (202) 219-0338. A favourable result for a fingerprint check and the opening of a personnel security investigation at the National Agency Check level with written requests (ENAI) or more is required to obtain a GSA access card. If the final assessment of the results of the personnel survey is unfavourable, the access card shall be withdrawn. The position of the employee or contractor may require further investigation than the minimum investigation requirements to obtain a GSA access card. The substantive investigation, which is requested for employees assigned to moderate, low-risk and non-sensitive positions, is a National Control Agency with Written Inquiries (AIN).

The ENAI is carried out by OPM. This investigation covers five years of FBI fingerprint verification, name control and investigation files, the OPM Security/Suitability Investigations Index, national credit bureaus and corresponding military records, written requests to law enforcement, former employers and superiors, personal references and schools. After a preliminary background review and the access card registration process, it takes an average of two weeks for the employee or contractor to invent their GSA Access Card to activate it. 1 The field requirements for the ATN field are more than 3 characters full; cut to 30 characters; and must not contain dots or „special characters“. Once the completed investigation is received by PSIO, it is assigned to a Personnel Security Specialist for evaluation. The specialist analyses the information and, if necessary, carries out additional studies or interviews. It is recommended to grant or refuse a favourable finding of suitability. The PSIO shall inform the coordinating body of its recommendation. The coordinating body shall review and cooperate with the PSIO to take a final decision. The Special Agreement Check (SAC), which is a limited investigation (or series of audits) that is only carried out through a specific agreement between OPM and an agency.

The SAC proposes an alternative procedure that allows the IS to obtain searches specially tailored to its specific needs and includes: Security Agency Checks, Fbi National Criminal History Checks and Law Enforcement Checks. SI uses the ISC for all pre-appointment investigations. Full-Field Background Investigation (FFI) is required for employees assigned to high-risk positions.. . . .

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