Mexican Tomato Suspension Agreement

On 28 November 2007, trade and certain Mexican tomato producers/exporters initialled a new treaty proposal suspending the AD investigation on imports of fresh tomatoes from Mexico. On 3 December 2007, Trade published the initialled agreement to interested parties for comment. On 17 and 18 December 2007, several interested parties submitted their comments in support of the initialled agreement. 2. If the USDA inspection reveals that the batch is as follows: (1) More than 8% molding/disintegration errors; (2) more than 15% of a quality or condition failure; or (3) more than 20% overall error of quality and/or condition, the recipient may refuse the lot or accept part of the lot and refuse the quantity of tomato lost during the recovery process. In these cases, price adjustments are calculated as described below. For the purposes of this Agreement, a quality or condition failure is any defect mentioned in the diagrams in Part A.5 below. . .


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