Sirius Minerals Offtake Agreements

* Take-or pay-offtake deal for Kali York project polyhalite sales with a major Central American fertilizer trader JP Morgan analysts expect new purchase agreements and other purchase agreements to fuel Sirius Minerals PLC`s (LON: SXX) stock price in the future. Last year, the company signed a seven-year purchase agreement with a Wilmar Group subsidiary in Indonesia for 750,000 tpa Polyhalit. Sirius Signs Two New Chinese Take or Payment Agreements Sirius Minerals Plc (Sirius“ or „the Company“) announces the signing of an over-the-counter or paid purchase agreement („the Agreement“) for the supply of POLY4 to Intercontinental Trade DMCC Dubai („ITL Trading“). To convince the banks to put in place the necessary money, the company worked to conclude purchase contracts and it has now concluded agreements to sell 4.7 million tons of fertilizer per year. The company signed its first polyhalite take-or-take-payment agreement: 1 mtpa for 10 years with Yunnan TCT Yong-Zhe Company Limited (Yunnan TCT). JP Morgan expects Sirius Minerals to increase its chances of securing the second and final round of funding if it can sign new purchase and purchase agreements Sirius signed another purchase agreement for the Woodsmith mine In September, it signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Sinoagri for the sale of 500,000 tons of polyhalite per year from the project for ten years. and Framework Contracts (ASLs) with clients in Africa and Latin America. Two other moUs, with a capacity of 500,000 tons per year, were signed the following month with Chinese customers and, in December, another declaration of intent with a capacity of 500,000 mtpa with sichuan AMPC. Sirius said the deal was in line with its existing portfolio of agreements, with the contract company`s highest sales volumes increasing from 4.4 Mtpa to 4.7 Mtpa. „The expected production of Sirius is approximately 30 times the total size of the polyhalite market in 2018. The company`s plan to rapidly increase production to more than 10 million tons just a few years after it goes live reinforces fears of significant disruptions to broader fertilizer markets — even with its numerous purchase agreements,“ Knight said MINING.COM in September. .

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