Wagyl Kaip And Southern Noongar Indigenous Land Use Agreement

„The benefits of the agreement have long been delayed by the dispute that has just been concluded, and I call on all Noongars to unite behind the comparison, unite in the creation of strong Noongar regional corporations and maximize the significant opportunities offered by the transaction for the good of the Community as a whole.“ The settlement consists of six separate indigenous land occupation agreements – Ballardong, Gnaala Karla Booja, South West Boojarah, Wagyl Kaip and Southern Noongar, Whadjuk and Yued – which were concluded in 2009, after SWALSC began negotiations with the government in 2009 to finalize all claims. Following a Federal Court ruling yesterday, anyone in government or industry whose exploitation is supported by Indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUA) can be confident that their existing operations continue to effectively influence national title – but there are some important points of the plenary to consider in order to ensure that any future ILUA „authorisation procedure“ is accepted as valid. „Today`s Supreme Court decision ends five years of appeal against the negotiated deal, which was accepted by the Noongars in 2015 in six licensing sessions. The Cultural Orientation Policy aims to renew and preserve the culture, values, country and customs of Noongar and to provide a means for Noongar culture to inform and contribute to traditional, historical and contemporary cultural and political debate. .

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